Ron is our hunter through and through. Nothing escapes his keen nose and sharp eyes, including the wiggling toes of our four year old. His favorite love, however, is finding the all elusive grouse, chuckar, quail and chortling pheasant. Ron started out as my personal hunting companion but has since started hunting bigger and bigger. He responds to whistle and voice commands, runs large when required and close when needed. Ron is a completed dog.

Ron is rated OFA24 Good

Exceptional Gundogs for the Field-Show-Home
Tania loved running with our kids in the backyard almost as much as she loved running through the fields and forest in search of grouse, pheasant and quail. She will be missed.
12-10-2004      9-2-2014

Summer is a Dave Walker bred Brittany and our field trial specialist. She covers ground with the best of them and understands her role in the field or on the trial grounds. Summer enthusiasm for the hunt often draws welcome admiration from other handlers, she knows her job.
Summer is retired and enjoying the simple life.

Summer is rated OFA26 Good
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Introducing Upperridge's Merry Mistress Quickly.
Missie is an Upper Ridge Brittany out of Tania by Ron. She is the next step in our breeding program. Missie is showing promise as a gundog with a heart for hunting that is second to none. If you happen to see a white streak in the Chukar hills it just might be Missie.

Missie is rated OFA41 Good
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Here she is Upperridge's Tempest Ariel. Tempest is showing the drive, focus and energy needed to become a world class bird dog. She is the final puppy out of Summer by Ron. She is a tri color female who looks as good and she runs.
In Loving Memory