Teska is my most consistent and reliable dog that I have, if she doesn't check in with me every couple of minutes then I know she is on point and will hold it till I get there or the bird has had enough and flushes (wild birds). She doesn't get distracted by deer or elk. She knows when to hunt big and when not to. She is my go to dog.
3x Am Fld Ch 3x Ru GFC FC Staleys Orange Outlaw Mr.Cooper
For more on Cooper, visit www.jskennelsandtraining.com

Introducing Watson's Upper Ridge Catherine, "Cat" the dog.
Cat has what it take to be a field trial and hunting Brittany. She covers ground easily, and is steady to wing and shot. A bit more training is needed on retreiving, as she only brings the birds back most of the time.

Great to hear all is well with Upper Ridge.Sheba is in her 1st year of any real hunting and we have been pleasantly surprised given the lack of experience from yours truly. Had her 1st successful Chukar hunt yesterday (Pics) which also included her 1st full retrieve on a downed bird I had lost sight of. Combined with her 1st Blue Grouse we shot a couple of weeks ago, and she's well on her way of being the hunting companion we had hoped. Of course I can't leave the house now without her begging to go along.Regards, Darryll

Bella Mia went on her first hunts this fall, and got her first birds at Wasatch Wing and Clay's Phantom and Ghost hunt on Halloween. We're all learning the ropes together, and thankfully, Bella is a natural since we're figuring it out as we go. She works well with the other dogs we hunt with and follows her instincts to scent out the birds and hold her point. She's a doll and we're head over heels in love. Great addition to our family, as well as an excellent hunter.
Allen & Jenn Earles

Tucker has been out a couple times and sure has a nose for birds. He's going on his first big hunt this weekend, and we can't wait to see what he turns up! He points at everything, and has amazing natural instincts. He's a beautiful, wonderful dog with the sweetest temperament. He loves everyone and we love him!
Thanks so much, Lindsey
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It's Chris from CA. I just wanted to send you a picture of Sadie. This was right before a pheasant hunt held here where we live. She is a great dog, both at home and in the field.
Thank you again. Chris

I wanted to send you a small update on Buddy! He is growing like a weed and learning even faster! He is already potty trained going to the door and barking if he needs to go, also sleeps in his crate only barking to go out to the bathroom. He is in love with the snow as well as the pheasant I have brought home from hunting. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to take this wonderful puppy home. Attached is a pic with him and his favorite toy ( which he retrieves and releases pretty damn good). Thank you again and let your daughter know "Rocket" is doing very very good.
Neale & Jennifer Simpson

Hi Rodney,
 Awnee is an amazing dog. She loves and lives to hunt! Grouse, Pheasants, Ducks basically anything that has an upland or waterfowl bird smell. I have guided with her on gun clubs, pheasants forever youth hunts and in run and gun competitions. The drive she has far outlasts what I can do, when the hunt is over she just wants to keep going, finding more birds. Her natural ability, drive to hunt and willingness to please makes her a wonderful hunting companion. With my family she is great as well. She is so gentle and kind and is always looking for someone to show her some attention. I could go on and on and on.

Thanks, James Thomson

Hi Rodney,
My name is Acadia DeAtley, and I just wanted to update you on our Brittany, Lily. My parents Kim and Gurney got her from you in early 2010. Her parents are Ron and Tania, I believe. She is a brilliant, sweet, and feisty alpha-female who we absolutely adore. Lily enjoys her runs in the Wyoming sage brush every morning and loves to chase rabbits.
She has two Brittany "sisters," Rosie and Emmie and they get along wonderfully. Attached is a photo of her playing in the water at Newton Lakes in Cody, WY. I think she looks like her mom the most.
Anyways, thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. My parents and I love Brittanys. They are the breed we've ever had. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a call from me in the future wanting to get a Brittany of my own.
Thank you again!

Just thought I would share. First time trying to earn a UDX leg, having to qualify in two classes the same day to earn a leg, she won them both and earned Highest score in trial and highest combined score and her first leg. She needs 10 to earn her UDX title. She also earned her first two Obedience Trial Champion points (OTCH). It takes 100 points for that title. Third day she bombed, the "bird dog showed up". Gotta love her!

I have loved my Summer X Ron pup. She's almost 12 months old and runs big, points hard, and has been the easiest pup I've ever had to work with. Really wants to please.
Jeremey King
Thought you might enjoy a picture of your pup. She is wonderful. Easy to teach, well behaved and after a slow start, did very well on her first hunt.She is about 30 lbs and REALLY fast. She found 7 birds.We are very happy with her.
Jay Hawblitzel